When should I call Small Business Doctors?

For small business owners, there’s no one sign that you’re in need of consulting services. However, there can be symptoms including, but not limited to:

  • Flat or stagnant growth
  • Difficulty implementing company-wide changes
  • Seeking new strategies to increase profitability
  • Customer retention issues
  • Trouble eliminating excessive costs

Because our experts possess decades of combined experience running and advising small businesses, we can help you tackle these issues head-on, charting a robust plan of treatment.

How can you offer such competitive rates?

Since most of our services are provided electronically or through the Internet, our overhead is lower and we pass the savings on to our clients. We excel at providing executive level services and expertise to our clients at affordable rates.

Why must I meet with a Business Doctor before I work with a specialist?

We make it a priority to match your business’s needs with an expert who has the skillset best suited to you. Our initial consultation is focused on assessing your specific situation and pairing you with a specialist equipped to help you every step of the way.

How long will it take for me to see improved results in my business?

That depends on the specific issues in your business and upon you and your willingness to implement the necessary course of treatment. However, some of our clients have seen measurable improvement within 90 days, or, in some cases, instantly.

How can I get references from your previous clients?

Word of mouth is a critical metric to measure our success by, though we must safeguard our relationships with our clients. You can request references directly on our contact page.

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