Why Choose Us

Every business has a pulse. How strong is yours?

Small Business Doctors can gauge your business’s health.

According to the Small Business Administration, ninety-five percent of all small businesses fail within the first five years. If your business has celebrated its fifth anniversary it has a steady heartbeat and you’ll want to strengthen it. If your business is not cutting its anniversary cake on five years in business, then every moment counts and we are here to help.

Small Business Doctors will help you see the big picture, measure your business metrics, and set a course for continuous growth. We assist you in every aspect of your business, including planning, organizing, marketing, staffing, directing, and monitoring to reach maximum PROFIT potential. You control the budget; help and support are available when you need it through meetings, conference calls, video conferencing, online chats, emails, and on-site visits.

Small Business Doctors supports you, the Business Owner with individualized care through years of experience, knowledge, and professional training. We identify the strengths, challenges, and problem costs of your business. We recommend and execute cost-effective methods to monitor and cure problem areas. With assistance from our experienced Business Doctors and Coaches, we help you do what is “Best for the Business.”

Client care representatives are available to assist you with your profile and account information, and to schedule conferences.

When our clients speak with a Business Doctor, they not only tap into the expertise of the Doctor, but also a supporting staff that can assist with every aspect of running their business.

Every SBD Business Doctor has a minimum 15 years of experience in business analytics and owner/manager practices.

Coaching helps you define or refine your goals into manageable portions so that each week you can improve your management skills and move your business closer to where you want it to be.

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